Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Satellite Radio

I like to hear music while I work, and as I usually do it near or in front of a computer, I picked to listen to radios, which are offering a large variety of music and with songs that do not repeat themselves.

There are three stations I like to listen to. But no, I don't do it in parallel. Just once at a time, shifting from on to another, depending on the country I am in at the moment, but most probably listening to another country's radio-station. It is fun.

I started with Sláger Rádió Minden idők legnagyobb slágerei (translated from hungarian: Greatest hits of all times), pretty long time ago. While my summer trip to the USA, in NJ/NY, I took the fancy of listening to 106.7 Lite fm The best variety of yesterday and today. I cannot explain why, but in general the "american dream" grow to my heart. Lately, I have started listening to 104,6 RTL Berlins Hit-Radio.

Recently I have bumped through an article with Howard Stern and shortly I have discovered the existence of satellite radios. The one I have tried out with a trial registration was XM Radio and I have been impressed by the variety of the music that they provide. They provide 100% commercial-free music, "covering virtually every genre." The great thing is that you may as well take it with you, in your car or wherever you go. And even shuffle among the variety of offered songs and genres. There is also Sirius, I suggest you try it out.


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