Friday, December 02, 2005

Firefox 1.5 is out

If you haven't tried it out so far, it means you have probably not heard about it yet. The "new version of the award-winning Web browser" is now released.

There have been included some cool new features, which are supposed to make you happier :-). However I just had a rather interesting experience with the Master Password feature. While trying to remove it, as I did not find it useful, it just didn't accept the password I previously set. I may have forgotten it, or not type it in correctly. But I know it was the second. The solution for such inconvenience is MozillaZine knowledge base, which documents various information about Mozilla applications and products.

So if you want to remove your master password and you lost it or just don't remember, just type in to your Location Bar "chrome://browser/content/pref-masterpass.xul" and you can reset your password. For not loosing your saved passwords, read more here.

Check out more useful Chrome URLs you may take advantage of.

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