Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Startups vs. Legends

It has been around the thought that startups can do very well. There have been some really good examples for quite a long, e.g. Microsoft. In my opinion, successful companies usually get started by small teams of entrepreneurs, who work really hard in the beginning.

It has been a fact, that many of the startups fail, and I can say many, as I once read only 1 out of 10 will succeed. In the experiment that went on this summer, this number was proved to be at least no accurate, if wrong. It was demonstrated as well what is needed to start a startup. At the end, it finally got to the wide audience that, yes, young people, who are motivated enough and want to do something on their own, can and will succeed.

To summarize, roughly it is needed a minimum amount of money (relative to the place on the planet you want to start up), a quality ideea and few people willing to work hard and give their best.

The summer founders were as a rule very idealistic ... success in a startup depends so much on motivation ...


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