Sunday, November 27, 2005

Firefox, BitTorrent, ...

I believe no flashnews, it has been around now for a while. "Speaking of downloading. Bittorent is your friend. The increasingly legitimate uses of this medium have consolidated its position – you just need the client that suites you ..." (by Wet Scalpel - who, by the way, made an impressive state-of-the-art of the used services and tools of the moment).

BitTorrent P2P for Mozilla

firepuddle is a project that aims to bring BitTorrent P2P Download to Mozilla Firefox. The project is currently in the early stages. Alpha Preview 0.0.2 now available for Firefox 1.5 BETA 1 for Windows. That, from my point of view, will not last too long till a release. Read more on how to install firepuddle.Some links where you can already get Firefox Torrents. And how to manage .torrent file types, because in Firefox you can customize the way file extensions are handled.

Legal issues

BitTorrent has become famous for its ability to also share copyrighted files.
BBC News: "Wednesday, 23 November 2005: The movie industry and the man behind BitTorrent signed a deal they hoped would reduce the number of pirated films shared on the downloading network. The deal covered films found via the website run by Bram Cohen - creator of the download system. It meant had to remove any links to pirated films made by seven Hollywood movie studios. As it only covered the website it is unclear what overall effect this has had on net piracy."

Web seeding

"One recently implemented feature of BitTorrent is web seeding. The advantage of this feature is that a site may distribute a torrent for a particular file or batch of files and make those files available for download from that same web server application; this can simplify seeding and load balancing greatly once support for this feature is implemented in the various BitTorrent clients. In theory, this would make using BitTorrent almost as easy for a web publisher as simply creating a direct download while allowing some of the upload bandwidth demands to be placed upon the downloaders (who normally use only a very small portion of their upload bandwidth capacity). This feature is an unofficial one, created by TheSHAD0W, who created BitTornado".

Torrent related scripts:
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BitTorrent web scripts

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