Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Credit cards - Part 1

There are advantages and disadvantages of having a credit card. Unfortunately, some of the people are trying to use not their own, but others cards and their numbers. I do not agree with this, and I suggest to take the advice of this guy for getting a credit card number for free:

HEY who wants a free **VALID** cc number with all info? Do you NeEd a cc number with the CVV2 code and ADDrESS?!?!? I did it and NOW I got a VALiD number & I bought PS2, XBOX and a NEW WicKeD GAMING PC 3 GHz P4!! AlL Uz wanting cc NUMBER with INFOS, I tell U ONE TIME, This is HOW u GET vAlId CC numberzzz!! Guaranteed!!1!!

1. Goez in2 ur BANK! Sayz 2 the GIrL at the window: \”Hello, I would like 2 apply 4 A CREDIT CARD\”!!!! Try to look innocent! IMPORTANT! >>Don\’t< <>

2. She will give u a FOrM. Take the FOrM and fill it in and GIVE it back 2 da GIrL.

3. Go home & get a piece of paper. This bit is IMPORTANT: Write UR NAME & addREsS on it. Then, WAIT a cpl DAYS. Think about that new PS2, XBOX and NEW WicKeD GAMING PC 3 GHz P4 u r GoNNa BUY!!

4. U will get a ENVELOPE from ur BAnK. In it will bE a small rectangular piece of plastic with ur NAmE ON IT. turn it over and there Written on da BACK is a long number, n guess WHAT, this is a ***VALID**** cc number AND a ***VALID*** CVV2 CODE!!!!! Write this shit on da piece of paper under ur NAME & addREsS!!!

5. Now read out whats ON the piece of paper…. u gots a VALID NAME and ADDRESS of someone wif a card, u GOTS their CC NUMBER and the **VALID*** CVV2 CODE!! u will be AMAZED how easy it was!

6. now you got ***VALID** number with all the INFOS u can help eVeRyone here who is asKIN for a valid CC NUMBER, just like youd like to be helped! I helped U, so help THEM, type in everythink off the piece of paper and post it here!

7. NOW, U cn go to a website & buy present for UR MUM or pay ur SCHOOL FEES !!!! or fix car so U dont hav 2 take train wif ppl wot looks @ u

** THIS WORKS!! *** TrUsT me!!!

OK I\’m sick of writing this now


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